Yes, there is many parking space available

Yes we do and that too very high speed

smallest cake is 20 x 10 and only chocolate based, largest usually is 60 x 40

Yes! Please contact us!!

Yes. With at least 3 days in advance notice, please send us the image in the highest resolution possible to our e-mail.

Custom cupcakes include anything that differs from our standard flavor combinations, colors, and decorations. We ask that you order 6 pcs or more.

Because the majority of our cupcakes are made with perishable ingredients, they must be kept cold. While cold, the cupcakes are not as moist or creamy as they are at room temperature. We recommend that you allow the cupcakes to come to room temperature before enjoying them. This will allow the cake to return its natural moistness and the frostings to return their natural creaminess.

Yes. However, we ask to have a picture of the design you would like so we can create the exact cake you’re expecting.

YES. Online ordering is available now.

Yes you can. However, depending on the product(s) you are ordering, there may be a minimum amount of time needed to prepare your order.

Cash, debit card, credit card, and direct transfer to BCA account.

Yes, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all orders. Your order will not be considered confirmed until the deposit is received.

2 to 3 days in advance would be more than idle.  However, during a major holiday, it is better to place your order as early as possible.

Yes we do, Hershey Milk Chocolate cake, Nutella Bomb cake, Chocolate overdoze cake, Devil’ s Delight, Red Velvet cake, Mango Cheese cake, Nutella Therapy, and Chocolate Cheese cake.

The best and the most effective way to contact us is by calling Cakelab (021-8379-4132). The 2nd way is by email (cakemist@cakelab.co.id) and the last is sms or whatsapp us on +6283890202436

Yes, you are welcome to pick up. We are on Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam Raya
No.122, Jakarta Selatan 12810

Rp.25,000,- inside Jakarta, for Custom made cake delivery charge is Rp.50,000,- inside Jakarta.

Yes we do deliver all around Jakarta.

Cakes can be kept for maximum 3 days in the chiller or 1 hrs in air condition room. For best results, cakes and cupcakes should be kept out at least 20 min. before eating.

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